Refinement for Investors

Welcome to the future of investing!

In todays fast pace deal making environment wouldn’t it be nice to “HAVE A GUY” who has just a different angle or perspective to help provide one more layer of data to help you make better deals, close more and save time?

GREAT NEWS: We have a whole team of those guys and gals ready to provide you with a unique look at yours deals in a way only geeks powered by tech can provide.

Not only are we geeks, but we are also serial entrepreneurs with a few deals under our belts over the last 20 years! 

We have designed this as an internal tool, that we are now offering to the community to help standardize some geek speak and help validate opportunities which we may be interested in coming along side!


We have all heard the pitch that states dreams as facts, an our technology puts color around a decks data to validate current truths, and market position. Some decks actually are providing truthful data, wouldn’t it be nice to know which pitch guys are actually telling the truth?

Date Drives Decision

It is simple to say how big a market opportunity is, but why not validate it against real data to provide an extra layer of confidence.

Data Sets for Predictive Analysis

Our process includes several data points across many platforms to create a digital predection based on the data we have collected and our ML tools.

Growth Trends

Based on actual data we can see from an external perspective how an potential investment asset is growing agains itself and other in the market

Market Analysis

Our technology monitors industries as a whole and can baseline the investment target against its known industry.


Our research will show not only top competitors who leverage technology but how investment target compares digitally.


Demand for product or service

Global databases along with heavy lifting we can provide a unique insight to market revenue opportunity at a very granular level, along with key insights like value, marketing expenses, competitiveness of the market and global reach.

Country Popularity

We can help identify regional and global opportunities uncovered with our process making new revenu streams potential not uncovered, along with adjecent opportunities that make make for a better ROI.


We leverage historic data to help identify seasonality or demand surges based on a 36 month trail.

Opportunity & Position

Our process allows us to score the competitiveness across the top 1300 industries providing a RS “Refinement Score” that becomes a rubber ruler for our users to have a deeper insight to how deals will do against other deals based on the competitive nature or the market as a whole and specific to your target investment or fund. 

Expected Cost to acquire a new customer

This report will let you know a reasonable cost per acquisition of a new customer allowing to validate and understand business metrics.


This score will factor into the RS based on how many competitors are in the space, and the budget they spend identify KPI’s important to your overall business package.


We will give you the top competitiors, allowing you insight to what it will take to catch up and beat if your in a competitive market.


Our process will uncover an estimated monthly budget required to compete in the top 5% of the space and the difference between the top 5 and the rest of the field.