Our Growth Engine leverages millions of engagements and uses machine learning to deliver the right message at the right time to drive stakeholder profitability.

Our always-on technology is learning 24 hours a day while our new customer acquisition network is bringing new users into the ecosystem from organic, social, OTT and other media sources to ensure steady growth!


Create Meaningful Relationships

Our platform is designed around not just first party data, but data of people who have a real relationship with one of our brands or services.


High Intent Engagements

Based on consumer’s interactions across our network, our system is designed to put the right messaging in the right place to create a better consumer experience and drive profitibility by 3000%

  • Right Place – Right Time
  • High Probibility algorhthem
  • Favorbility Outcoome scoring

By design, our refinement process can deliver fewer but more effective impressions, reducing ad burn out while triggering higher value engagements and creating more profitability!


Muliti-Platform / Industry Cross Co-Op Marketing

Because we own hundreds of our own properties, cross-tagging first party data becomes highly valuable for partners and advertisers who join our eco-system!


What makes us unique? #ARTLAB

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats culture provides our partners, stakeholders, and our own properties the best way to compete with the giants and level the playing field. We are providing the same competitive advantage that the big 4 tech stacks use, but to benefit our eco-system!

We are Better Together!

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats culture provides our partners , stakeholders, and our own properties the best way to compete with giants and level the playing field. Providing the same competitive advantage that the big 4 tech stacks use, but to benefit our eco-system! The big 4 make over $25M in profit. By joining our movement, the shareholders are the businesses who will not have to spend as much over time, allowing us to save you time and money. Additionally, our special discounts and offers make this a WIN-WIN! It’s a seamless process and adds no cost to you!

New Customer Acquisitioin

Millions of new engagements into the eco-system help all participants win!


Our AI uses proprietary business logic based on our partners’ needs to provide desirable outcomes.

High Intent Engagement

Our refinement process provides above average outcomes and can increase engagements for many partners over 3000%

Increased Profitability

ROI drives our success. If you ever are not 100% happy, you can leave any time, but the learning stays with the ecosystem. We have spent a ton of time & money to build this eco-system and will not allow it to get diminished.


The entire process goes across all the channels in the eco-system, learning and refining in every direction, maximizing on our top 3 consumer touch points!




A Few Things We Refine Well

Refinement is the process of making the good great, so you must have a quality product, good customer service, profit success and have the ability to scale. Good stuff in, better stuff out!


You must be able to handle scale

Tech Enabled

You must have a product or service that can turn a profit 

Customer SerVice /      SUPPORT & GUIDANCE

You must have exemplary customer service

Refinement by the Numbers

Our eco-system has room for all levels of engagement. Refinement will take all data and technology to create the ARTLAB process. We do not do exclusive agreements but we make every reasonable effort to ensure we are always doing right by our partners.

joint ventures

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Our marketing cost per application has gone down over 25% in the last 2 years in an environment that has traditionally seen double digit increases year over year!



We have seen over 50,000 new referrals across our national footprint of provider practices in the last 36 months!

health IT


We have seen 36% sales increase in the last 6 months and more high internet traffic doing direct booking than ever before.

Elite Health Online


Video Testimonials

We love to support our partners and their success. Here are a few highlights from our partners and their businesses!

Elite Health Online


  • Tech upgrade
  • new clients
  • alternate advertising sources
  • improved process
  • expanded reach
  • enhanced margin
  • 1 Foreign Branch

Biotech Referral Program

  • over 50,000 referrals nationwide
  • high conversion
  • hard-to-market options
  • new product delivery
  • new revenue streams
  • increased profitability
  • reduced spend

Pure Defense

Marketing Frenzy

  • created a marketing frenzy at the manufacturing level